Why do we sing songs in worship?

1. To learn to express what is locked inside our hearts

2. Corportate prayer

3. Reminders of God's faithfulness

4. Renew Hope

 "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good..."  At NorthLake Church, come expecting to lay aside your burdens, your worries and troubles and give them to the Lord. Give thanks with a grateful heart of all that He has done, and will do, in your life.  We desire to sing contemporary songs that we can lift up to the Lord and fully portray our desires and need of Him in our lives.  Open your heart to Him, and He will fill it.  Seek Him throughout worship and you will find Him.  He longs to meet with you right where you are.  

So come, just as you are.  Join us as we set aside our previous week and look forward to a new week filled in Him and allowing Him to be in control of our day to day lives.  We look forward to worshipping with you!

We at NorthLake Church have purposed to bring people into a stronger and more relevant relationship with God.  Through contemporary music and interaction with others, we set our minds toward the goal of a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Our fervent prayer is less of us and more of Him, so through our worship times we seek diligently to bring people into the presence of God.

We have fun with our dramatic portion of ministry, keeping people guessing what might be next.  Our underlying message throughout will always be the Salvation that Christ brings to us as His free gift.

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